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Bid to buy auctions functionality allows livestock users to perform day to day, anytime buying online. This allows the user to load, buy and sell livestock online on the website immediately but only to registered users of the website. The buyer must logon to his profile and navigate to the lot he wants to buy and add it to his auction basket. The website will then inform the seller that a successful bid has been received on the specific lot. The seller will then logon to his profile and accepts or reject the bid of the lot within 24 hours. As soon as the buyer and seller have accepted the transaction, a 'conditions of sale' of the lot will be sent to both parties listing the following:

* Buyers details;

* Sellers details;

* List of livestock acquired with prices and quantities and details;

* Special conditions of sale(for example including delivery costs and insurance costs);

* Delivery address for the buyer;

* Invoice details of the buyer and seller confirming the pricing and terms of the transaction;

* The seller will then be invoiced for the commission as per the terms and conditions of

The final arrangements will then be between the buyer and seller for the delivery and payment of amounts due. Livestock Auctions is a facilitator of the transaction and cannot be held responsible for the delivery of livestock as well as payment of the amounts due. The livestock pricing on lots includes in most circumstances the kilometre range in which the animals will be delivered free of charge. The terms and conditions will be very specific if the seller needs to pay for extra kilometres. Payment of the commission on the sale is payable within seven days from invoice.

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