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Emerging smallholder cattle farming from a One Health perspective Read more
Using sexed semen to get more value from cattle
How an Irish family is changing the narrative around dairy farming
Dexters survive for decades in national park
Feeding guidelines for various stages of production - 29 October 2023 Read more
Impact of Two Grazing Strategies on Rangeland Basal Cover and Beef Production in the Sourish Mixed Bushveld Read more
Hugenoot SA’s beef cattle genetic treasure - 21 October 2023 Read more
Uphill road from small to commercial farming - 19 September 2023 Read more
Sourveld and rocks no obstacles to this Simbra producer - 1 September 2023 Read more
Steering the charge for growth in South Africa’s beef industry
Analysis water intake of young Afrikaner and Nguni bulls - 15 August 2023 Read more
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Positive outlook for livestock industry for 2023/2024 summer seaso
Perseverance the key to stud-farming success - 3 July 2023 Read more
Boran cattle perfect fit for diversified farmer - 29 June 2023 Read more
The Afrikaner equipped to beat climate change - 8 June 2023 Read more
Why sexed semen is ideal for emerging cattle farmers - 1 June 2023 Read more
Mashona small in stature, big in value - 23 May 2023 Read more
Boosting dairy profitability it’s not all in the genes! - 14 May 2023 Read more
From communal to commercial a Bonsmara farmer’s success story - 3 May 2023 Read more
The impact of climate change on dairy cows - 13 April 2023 Read more
A top Afrisim stud built with award - 4 April 2023 Read more
What feedlots expect in the ideal weaner - 14 March 2023 Read more
Santa Gertrudis bulls tested for two decades - 27 February 2023 Read more
The challenges facing Namibia - 15 February 2023 Read more
Nguni x Brahman an exceptional, feedlot-friendly cross - 14 February 2023 Read more
Beef Shorthorn a breed made for crossbreeding! - 26 January 2023 Read more
Beefmaster ‘Perfectly bred for the beef producer’ - 11 January 2023 Read more
Why nutrition is crucial for dairy cow fertility - 9 Janaury 2023 Read more
Maximise dairy profits with beef semen - 2 January 2023 Read more
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